12 Mar 2014

Joe de Bruyn a Union Boss with a Catholic agenda bows out, does he really?

Staunch Catholic and Union boss Joe de Bruyn bows out.
His Catholic conservative views continue to influence Australian social policy.

The ultimate irony is that Joe de Bruyn is not helping anyone on his side of politics with his views. Most progressive voters support same-sex marriage.
The polls say a majority of conservative voters support it. We can’t be sure of the views of the 218,000 members of his union or their demographic profile, many are young and female, I don't think they support his stance either.

So when John Howard wanted a wedge, he came up with a beaut. He would amend the Sex Discrimination Act so that single women and lesbians could be discriminated against when it came to accessing IVF. 
He said that a lot of “traditional” Labor voters would approve. After all, he was simply defending the right of children to be brought up in two-parent, heterosexual households.
He wanted to give Kim Beazley a tough time. Howard gave Joe de Bruyn this loaded gun because he was a loose cannon within Labor because of his religious leanings.
So de Bruyn himself hit the airwaves, backing Howard on the issue.
The family is the fundamental institution in society and that what we ought to do is to promote and enhance the family unit, not pass laws which have the effect of tearing it down, he said.
He tried every trick he could to help Howard stop those lesbians from having IVF babies.

He was once described at this time as  “a Dutchman who hates dykes”.

He led the Catholic conscience within the Labor Party for 30 years, he was a right-wing Catholic in a largely secular party.
He didn't like the idea of any sort of fertility control, stem cell research or gay rights.

Here's the kicker-Perhaps he can be partly responsible for Tony Abbott's and thinking today.
 He was active in the Democrat Club, which was the DLP club, so was Tony Abbott apparently. Abbott apparently tagged along uninvited to a peace and freedom weekend, he was recruited to Bob Santamaria’s movement.

Joe entered the Labor Party in controversial terms, as part of the four unions associated with the National Civic Council and DLP,” He was very close to (B.A. “Bob”) Santamaria.

One of the speakers who inspired Tony Abbott to get involved was Joe de Bruyn.

Joe I don't know, do I thank you for helping make a 'Tony Abbott' or curse you for such an act. Well we'll have to wait and see, mind you I think your Abbott could be missing some parts.

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