13 Mar 2014

No friends, now you can rent a friend? Why?

Friendship is a gift, not for sale
Lonely have no friends?
This is the site for you
Yep the world has really changed, we know that most of the young and not so young text one another rather than talk to them in person and of course we've all heard of or used online dating sites.
Now we have something that frightens me a little.

I can't believe that we are at a stage where we can no longer have physical friends or make physical friends, it's just unbelievable.
Now we have a site on the web that will supply a friend for $60 dollars per hour, I kid you not, they have created a sight that does just that.

They say that money can't buy you everything, well now we are getting into another hemisphere, it appears that there is always someone who will take advantage of very lonely people.

A new website will allow Australians to hire platonic friends for “endless possibilities” with one caveat: no physical contact allowed.

Friends For Hire will open its doors to pre-registered members on March 22, after a three-month, full-time development effort by Queensland communications agency Wildside Group.
Co-founder and managing partner Josh Blundell declined to disclose costs of the project but said he and business partner Jackson Hogan had invested “a lot of time and money” into it, including costs of a three-person web development team, and marketing campaigns on Gumtree, Facebook and Craigslist.

Friends For Hire divides users into two categories: “friends” who may charge up to $60 an hour for their company, and “members” who pay the friends directly as well as a $5 weekly membership fee to the website.

The site has some 1500 pre-registered “friends for hire” so far.

Mental-health professionals question the underlying premise: the idea that friendship is something that should, or even can, be bought is an incredibly sad indictment of the state of human relationships.

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