10 Mar 2014

Putin living in the past, the West are burying their heads in the sand.


Russia's has always had special links to Crimea, the fact that its Black Sea fleet is based in Crimea proves that. The Crimea already has a semi-autonomous status within Ukraine and has a different history to other parts of Ukraine, it has a very pronounced Russian imprint on it. So it is already in a different category to other sections of Ukraine.
So the Crimea should not be treated exactly the same as other parts of Ukraine,it hasn't been treated that way in the past.

Admittedly Putin's claim that Russian forces had been invited into Ukraine as Soviet troops were invited into Hungary in 1956 and Czechoslovakia in 1968 is nothing short of stupid, his choice of words echoes the past, this is the 21st century.

Then we have the opposing camp, which urges you to look instead at the new forces ruling Ukraine such as the influence of far rightist groups Svoboda (which traded originally as the Social-National party of Ukraine, also the Right Sector who were given seats in Ukraine's government, then we have the fascistic paramilitaries patrolling the streets wearing swastika armbands.

The different factions involved in this Crimea that led to the present situation are very complex and both Russia and the West have over reacted.

Crimea will become Russian and everyone knows it will so why don't the opposing sides admit this truth and start negotiating how it will come about.

The beating of chests like prancing Cockerels would be funny if it not for the fact that we have armed soldiers in a stand-off.
Too often the both camps close their eyes to a solution, all they seem to do is denounce one another.

Just admit the truth, painful though it might be and settle this once and for all, let's face it in Crimea the bulk of the population is Russian.

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