14 Mar 2014

Suing the Catholic church still in the to hard jar. No open wallet.

Repentant church? It's still closing the door to victims
Based on article by David Marr

The Catholic church is a quite long way from letting itself be sued like any other church.
Even though it knows it can no longer defend such a privilege, it has saved hundreds of millions of dollars for the church since the child abuse scandal broke decades ago.

Even though Pell has made cooing sounds that's all he has done, he'll tinker a little with minor things but that's all, no flood gates are to be opened.

Pell wants to remove only a few barriers to litigation.

However to make them a corporate identity is a step to far because that would allow it to be sued.

All other major faiths in Australia can be sued so how come they are immune, well it's the way they have been allowed to set themselves up in law
Pell wants to keep the current situation where victims of abuse by parish priests have no choice but to sue the priest or his estate of perhaps his bishop.

The Catholic church in most countries in the world can be sued, here no way! 

The church’s refusal to admit priests are employees and that the church is liable in law for their crimes is the problem and it appears the church has no intention of changing the situation.

Making the assets of the church available to victims is an absolutely worthless concession unless the church is prepared to concede it is responsible for the priests who act in its name.

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