26 Mar 2014

Titles reappear in Australia,Yep, Knights and Dames are back. Bugger! They're not my kind of dame!

Some wry comments in Parliament
It's important policy for our realm” and proves the Prime Minister carries “a broadsword in his hands”.
The Prime Minister has wound back 20 years of racial discrimination protection and now we’re going back to knighthoods, taking us back 30 years.
The Prime Minister's new car plan is to reintroduce Cortinas and Toranas.
“Sure as knight follows dame, Tony Abbott’s going to take us back to the good old days.’’
I am was wondering if he could get the Back to the Future franchise back. 
“Australian republicans should not lose too much sleep over the Prime Minister’s decision.’’
Absurd, this is not a Game of Thrones.
“It shows a government bereft of ideas, and a social policy that is  not even stuck in the last century, it’s stuck centuries ago.’’
Mr Abbott is trying to create a fake class system in Australia, a “bunyip aristocracy’’ 
Instead of knights and dames there should be “bonza blokes’’ and “grouse sheilas’’.
“We’re going back 100 years to have Lord Brandis finally get his wish that we become a monarchy.’’ 
A Senator praised Mr Abbott for identifying potential in the horse and carriage industry and striking a free trade deal with the East India Company.
But all is not well, for an ill wind doth blow.
It's exciting to hear that ministries will now be determined through a jousting tournament in the caucus room. A Senator from the realm of Australia South, whose jousting skills are lacking, confirmed this has been the case for some time.”

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