26 Mar 2014

Tony Abbott made a Dame and one Knight, one after the other, that's different.

King Tony pondering his next choice.
Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce is the first dame to hold the position even though it's only for a day whereas the next person will be a Knight from first night.
Yes Governor-General designate Sir Peter Cosgrove is to be a Knight straight of the ranks.
King Tony Abbottom has announced that from now on there will be four Knights in a year from now on, so we will all be able to work 361 days and nights per year which will mean a great boost for the economy.

Sorry about the last line I keep getting confused with the words night, Knight, Dame and dame, I think it's because I can't help thinking that there are many more things of importance to think about.

King Tony Abbottom's longing for the past is something to behold. I'm sure there are people in this country who are reassured by his back to the future actions.

Perhaps Clive Palmer and Gina Rinehart would be holding their breath for the announcement that King Tony Abbottom of Australia, has quietly decided there should be a new titles such as Lord and Lady Wardens of whatever they are exporting.

Anyway from now on when hear of someone getting a tap on the shoulder it could mean getting the sword, not because you've been naughty it's because you've been nice to someone, also we know it's not discriminatory or so it seems so far.

This King of ours astounds me, his rapier like mind for forward thinking, his astute handling of foreign affairs, is there no bounds to his genius, it is indeed frightening to behold.

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