30 Apr 2014

A tax is a tax! Don't treat us like idiots please!

Surely a time will come when we will see a Prime minister admit that a tax he is about to bring in is indeed a tax. If it quacks like a duck and waddles like a duck it is a duck.

Why do politicians find it it impossible to tell the truth, I'm sure that many of us would be pleasantly surprised if the Prime Minister Tony Abbott just admitted that his proposed tax levy is a broken promise because the present state of the economy called for some sort of action.
No his argument revolves around the fact that this is not a real tax, why lie, its a tax.
I personally am not against this tax, and it is a tax for christ sake why not say it is.

Then we have the gold plated parental leave scheme which no one in Australia agrees with, not even his own party members. he sold us an election sweetner that he can't afford.
This scheme is over generous to a fault and even if it is toned down to a maximum of $100,000 it is still a scheme we cannot afford. Surely if he was being honest, he would be telling us that it is not affordable at the present time and will be actioned when and if the nation can afford it.
Truth isn't dirty word.

We all know that all promises made at an election are rarely upheld, what with black holes and other surprises that we are always told about after an election.

We can all judge policies by our own political leaning however the one thing we all have in common, we hate lies, particularly the people who treat us the voters with contempt, we are not an uneducated electorate we know when people are bending the truth and we'll make those same people pay at the next election.

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