29 Apr 2014

Australians be aware. You can be spied on by the RSPCA and many others

Based on an article by Paul Farrell

We live in a world where government agencies could almost instantaneously track down journalists’ sources or for that matter an blogger's sources, weather there are the public interest considerations or not. What a scary thought, it's already happening..
The Telecommunications Interception and Access Act 1979 is so broad and poses very low limitations on state and federal government agencies want to do, it is a remarkably easy feat for governments to track down a journalist's sources, and take action against them.
In the event of a serious leak of government information, an agency - The Treasury, The Attorney General’s department, even The Immigration department can apply to a senior officer within their own department to access the journalist’s telecommunications.
They can find out who they called or emailed, the time they contacted them and their location.
Even if they have used encryption, it's a relatively simple task to track down the source. 
It does not require a warrant from a judge, and is merely approved by a senior officer from the applicants own agency, and then sent straight along to the mobile phone or internet provider. Accessing this type of data is easy. 
And it’s not just police or intelligences agencies that can request this type of data; almost any agency, including local councils and even the RSPCA, are able to access metadata without a warrant.

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