19 Apr 2014

Defence personnel given ambiguous orders to stop the boats at any cost now take the blame for government.

The incursions into Indonesian waters
It's nothing to do with Scott Morrison?

Government washes hands at the expense of our Defence personnel who were obviously given ambiguous orders with the emphasis on stopping the boats at any cost.
Does anyone really believe the Navy officers and Customs officers involved in the incursions into Indonesian waters did so without some encouragement from Operation Sovereign Waters, of course they didn’t.
The officers involved have heard nothing but the slogan ‘Stop the boats’ from the Coalition for years so is it surprising that would want to prove that they could do anything they were ordered to do.
The government since coming into power have stressed their aim to all and sundry, it is the ‘Holy Grail” to the Coalition.
Government contracted personnel who man some of the Custom vessels could have also been over enthusiastic to please the government.
So who is now paying the price for the governments hysterical rhetoric, not the government, no you’ll never see a politician take the blame when they can pass the buck to someone who is not unable defend themselves.

Scott Morrison has shown us just how adept he is at avoiding anything that resembles the true story and he has placed Defence personnel in an untenable position deliberately to protect himself.

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