16 May 2014

Aged pensioners with no superannuation will feel the pain. A co-payment they will never benefit from.

Research is a great thing.
 Why ask the most vulnerable to pay for it?

The co-payment for GP's visits is all promise and no return for aged pensioners, a future fund for research sounds great but is really worth asking pensioners who have already paid their taxes for years to contribute once again to a fund that not one of them will be alive to benefit from.

Many of these people never had the opportunity to have superannuation. 

The co-payment does not sound much to anyone who works, however it's a hell of a lot for aged couples who have the normal ailments associated with old age and who may have to visit a doctor quite often.

For couples renewing prescriptions and regular check up's are the norm, the average outlay will probably be in the region of over $200 per year plus $7 for each blood test, these tests are required quite often.

Surely they are not saying that pensioners are the ones that over use the system.

I can assure you that just getting to the doctor is a chore for many, arranging for transport, quite often a taxi or arranging for a carer is a pain, to suggest that they can jump in a car and zoom to the doctors without taking into account the cost shows they have no understanding of what's involved, its obvious they don't care.

What the hell did aged pensioners do to this Coalition government to deserve this?

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