12 May 2014

'Gun-ho' Saint Tony and Smoking Joe wage 'shock and awe' warfare on Australia's public service.

The Coalition government creates 'shock and awe' warfare on Australia's public service. This 'Gun-ho' approach to shedding jobs shouldn't be such a terrible shock to anybody, every change of government brings with it an efficiency out cry, they always blame the previous government for terribly inefficient behavior.

This time its brought with it. the creation of a fear factor, 'The Australian Economy is dying and needs urgent heart surgery', what can we do they say?
After a deluge of propaganda they have frightened the life out of the electorate to the point where they are prepared for serious surgery. This was a planned attack, the Commission of Audit was created to back up the Coalition, that was its only purpose.

Now the fruit is ready to be picked, we have the of slashing jobs, amalgamating agencies and abolishing others, of course they have many other changes in mind for the future. What will they do in the future?
It will all depend on the polls, if they think that they are in danger of loosing an election they will do nothing to upset the electorate. This is a typical early first term budget, hit the electorate hard early, they will forget by the time of the next election.

Well once upon a time there were governments of the same ilk that carried out the same things that this government is doing and guess what, once they'd been in government for a while they found that they needed some of the experts they had sacked because business was ripping them off and some of the agencies abolished were really needed for the same reason.
So what happened, well by the time there was change of government we found that they had increased the public service well beyond what they had found when they took power originally.

If there's a moral to this story it's this:-Governments are all immoral they will promise anything to attain and retain power, this I'm afraid to say is just politics.

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