21 May 2014

One big lie comes home to Abbott. How many more, you may well ask?

Lenore Taylor
Tony Abbott has conceded the government is cutting a hospitals funding agreement with immediate effect, contrary to his weekend claim that the cuts did not take effect for years.
On Sunday Abbott said: “We’re not talking about next week or next month or even next year; we are talking about changes in three years' time”.
But Abbott now agrees the national partnership agreement on public hospitals, which begins on 1 July, has been cut. Budget documents say it has been cut by $1.8bn over the next four years.
The prime minister's blaming Labor once again, its his budget, his figures and he still blames Labor, what a wimp! 
So this prime minister has sort of overlooked the fact that $1.8bn has been removed, if this is not a straight out lie what is!
Abbott can't continue to blame Labor it just doesn't work, we are not dumb Tony, even though it's obvious that you think we are.

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