25 Jun 2014

This guy talks like it is. The real Australia.

RBA member John Edwards argues its time to move on from Hawke-Keating era | The Australian:

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Australia:- Open government is dying a slow death

A genuine attempt to muzzle what  information the public is allowed to see is being instigated by this Coalition government.
They are the key holders.

The process of what we call open government is being weakened. While there were open government gains from recent reforms implemented in 2010, our right to know is becoming narrower.
This Coalition promised us true open government, what do we get, tightening the release of information and outright denial of information with spurious excuses.
Requests are increasingly denied on spurious grounds and excessive costs are used to deter requests. 
Information about detention centres, high seas intercepts and turnbacks has been the heavy casualties. Requests are all knocked back. Even information about the nationalities of those arriving by boat is withheld. So we have no idea wether we have really stopped the boats, or indeed how many people(non-people) are involved.
I know what your thinking, here's someone on about boat people again, no this is about information and our right to know. I use this as an example only because it stands out.
This federal government will soon dismantle the FOI regime further and they will attempt to radically change the laws about the release of information to Australian citizens.
The exact details are still unclear, but the word is that The Office of the Australian Commissioner (OAIC), designed to be a champion of open government, will be abolished.
Complaints will be heard by the Commonwealth ombudsman, although they will be given no additional resources to deal with them, so long delays are inevitable.
All reviews of FOI decisions will go the administrative appeals tribunal, which will likely cost over $800. It is anticipated the government may also seek to reintroduce some kind of application fee to the FOI process.

Australia:- The new Top mouse has to learn to play.


The new mouse in charge has to learn how to play.
Now its quite a while since the mice(Coalition) came out to play.

Now the mice have been given a lot of new toys to play with, so the Top mouse for the Coalition has divided the toys up among the other mice and he kept some of the special toys for himself.

The top mouse thought the other mice were more than capable of taking care of the toys he had given them because they didn't need to worry about the (Labor)Opposition anymore, after all they won the election didn't they.

So he relaxed, then to his horror he found that some of the mice were making a terrible racket squeaking to the press and generally making his job harder. He was surprised at their behaviour, because they were all well behaved when they were the Opposition,what was he to do.

He gathered the well behaved mice around him and he decided that the other mice who were doing all the squealing would have to wear muzzles until they learnt how to behave.

Now the (Labor)Opposition who'd been away on rehabilitation leave, checked their emails one morning and found out just how much trouble the Top mouse was in and they laughed with relief and when they read the budget papers, they couldn't believe their luck. They had been afraid that while there were away, the mice, especially the Top mouse would have a ball.

They had an idea that all these new toys that the mice had would go to their heads and it seemed as though they had. The mice had apparently found a large sledge hammer and were using it to drive in large nails instead of using a small hammer and small nails to build their new budget.

Anyway the (Labor)opposition realised this situation wouldn't last long and that eventually the mice would wake up and reach a compromise on their budget policies so they decided to come early in the new term.
We don't know how this story will pan out, because the mice are clever little devils
 and if they get it together they might keep all the toys for a long time.

23 Jun 2014

Yes Minister raises it's head again, will Australia catch this disease.

Latest news from the UK;-
Politicians comments straight from Humphrey

Potholes? They're the sign of a strong economy, so says a UK transport minister because more people are using their car to get to work
You and I might think  potholes are a bad thing – but no they're not, the roads minister has claimed they are actually the sign of a booming economy.
These craters are being caused by the recovery, as more people get jobs and use their cars to get to work. Streets are suffering more wear and tear as consumer spending rises – causing an increase in the number of delivery drivers on the roads.

It couldn't be caused by lack of funds! Could it?
No it's probably the last governments fault?
Well it could be caused by, dare I say Neglect?

19 Jun 2014

LNP think tank, I think?

Heads up!

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Australian Government to slash protection for consumers

Financial planners can get back to fleecing consumers
After recent scandals at Commonwealth Bank’s wealth management business, a Senate committee has recommended that the Abbott Government loosen the regulation of Australia’s 17,000 financial planners.
They want to water down legislation (known as the Future of Financial Advice reforms), passed by the former Gillard Government.

This tightened oversight of planners and other professionals who market wealth management products to the public.
The government seem intent on fast-tracking its overhaul by proclaiming new regulations.
They may try to avoid having to negotiate a compromise with minority parties in the upper house by using changes to regulations. The cloak of regulation would be a back door method avoiding examination by the very consumers it's supposed to protect.
The reforms involved a significant watering down of protection for consumers in an industry which had wiped billions from families in the last decade.
This is all about trust in the industry, an industry that was cleaned up by the legislation put in place by the previous government.

We will once again be unable to trust advice given on credit cards, home insurance or bank accounts.
Once again we are seeing what open government means to this government and we are also seeing what governing for the people means.

This Coalition believes that ethics is a baby that should be thrown out with the bath water.

Animal activists(Terrorists) attack parks and Conservation

Terrorists hit Parks and Conservation on behalf of kangaroos?

Vandals hit Parks and Conservation depot in Canberra to protest a kangaroo cull and  have slashed tyres and broken the windscreens of 10 cars at the Parks and Conservation depot in Farrer in a protest against the ACT government's kangaroo cull.
They also cut 18 sections of wire fencing were cut open at the Jerrabomberra Grassland West Nature Reserve at the weekend.

A total of 10 cars sustained various levels of damage including slashed tyres and broken windscreens and side windows.''

This is a step into darkness for activists in Canberra and a type of vandalism not seen before.

To attack the very organisation who's duty it is to look after the welfare of kangaroos is beyond belief, don't they realise that the number of animals have increased to such an extent in a small area that there is no alternative.

Perhaps these idiots will volunteer to adopt the extra population and accommodate them in their own homes? No I don't think so, do they offer an alternative, no. Their answer is that nature will balance everything, yes it will, how, by allowing some to die from starvation because of overpopulation.

This is a better alternative, I don't think so.

18 Jun 2014

Hockey the goal keeper scores own goal. Welfare down, not up!

Well what do you know, working age Australians have become far less reliant on welfare payments since the turn of the century, so much for Joe Hockey's claims of a crisis of welfare dependency in Australia.

The Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey, an authoritative Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research report that has tracked 12,000 or more people since 2001.

Their latest report, for 2011, shows rising inequality in Australia as well as flat or even falling living standards for middle-class Australians since the global financial crisis.

But it also shows a marked trend away from being as reliant on welfare.

Is bending the truth going viral or is it a disease past on by mouth.

Coalition job interview


15 Jun 2014

Schooling for refugee children is to be run by Catholic Education Office.WAS THERE A TENDER?

Considering most of the Coalitions heavyweights are all Catholics this decision should come as no surprise.


Children asylum seekers in detention on Christmas Island will attend a learning centre run by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.
The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, announced on Friday the signing of a deal to provide full-time education services for detainee children, following long-running concerns about the adequacy of schooling available to young asylum seekers on the island.
The agreement with the Catholic Education Office flows on from the government's decision to allocate $2.6m in last month's budget "to fund access to full-time school education for all school-aged illegal maritime arrivals on Christmas Island".
Morrison said the learning centre at the island's Phosphate Hill Alternative Place of Detention would enrol up to 150 children and provide full-time education for all kindergarten, primary and high school-aged children detained on the island.
The Catholic Education Office was currently recruiting a principal, teachers and teaching assistants, the government’s statement said. The office would deliver services from term three but would not provide religious instruction?  MMM, MMM?

12 Jun 2014

Enough of 'PRESCHOOL GRADUATION and other adult nonsense already!

I can't believe this article, is this another viral infection we've caught from the US of A.

Enough of 'preschool graduation' and other adult nonsense already!:

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Be like a Panda, they're not racist.

So who’s a racist? Not you, of course and certainly not me.

Maybe not many of us at all.

Although we recently heard of a sports commentator quitting his job over an on-air quote from an old movie that included the word ‘‘darky’’.

Its frankly crazy to label people racist on the basis on one or two remarks.

I'm sure that we could all be called racist at one time or another, we've probably heard or accepted such remarks as"I'm working like a black fella" or "Thanks mate, you’re a white man.’’

Sometimes we hear people say Australia is a wicked racist country. Sure we once banned Aborigines from swimming pools etc, and in some areas of Australia this is still unfinished business.

That doesn't mean we are really racist? Do you know anyone in this country who would deny non-white children an education? Who wouldn't shake the hand of a non-white person? No.

I believe that people can say racist things because they are afflicted, temporarily or permanently, with stupidity, like a certain person in the media. Does that mean they're a racist. I'm not convinced it does.

 I don’t believe there are that many true racists at all. They would be people obsessed with the supremacy of their race to the exclusion of any others.

There are some real ones out there, hidden in the background, however their numbers are negligible and even the refugee situation fired up by the government has not grown the brand.
I reckon that the overwhelming majority of us, no matter the colour, are probably as ‘‘racist’’ as each other. What I mean is we're not really racist at all. It’s just that we, everybody, sometimes say the stupidest things.

Brain snap for Tony

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11 Jun 2014

Abbott and Hockey, the superhero duo from the Dark Side

"I only fear showing feelings"

This Will Be the Best Day of My Life said Joe just before telling the market that his big new product(The Budget) was nothing like the pre-budget advertising or the "promises.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey appear dumb founded by the backlash to the budget, it was like selling Eskimos refrigerators, they were flogging something that didn't work like it should, it didn't even meet the manufacturer's specifications.

So what to do now say the duo of superhero's(who's budget is like Kryptonite was to Superman), do they simply brazen it out while trying to ignore the glossy brochures printed months ago promising no surprises and no new taxes.

Should they keep telling us this marvellous product is marvellously superior to whatever the customer might have been expecting.

Apparently this super duo believes there's lots of suckers out there in Australia land, particularly the pensioners and less well off, they just have to suck it in and bare it without complaining say the duo.

These Superheros have one major impediment, they are both deaf and have heart problems. They are have selective hearing when listening to the electorate and their hearts go AWOL when ever pensioners mention the word heart.
 “Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

7 Jun 2014

Coalition(Tory) self-destruction is so painfully enjoyable

Mike Carton gets it so right with his insight into this Coalition government. In Opposition they played the wrecking ball well, now they're in government and they have no idea.

The budget is a disaster, you can tell it was not concocted by a a bunch of people with no idea of how to carry the people with them.

I agree with Mike when he says they are all a bunch of school bullies who love shoving things down our throats, in fact it's obvious that they don't give a toss what we think or who they hurt.

Tory self-destruction is so painfully enjoyable:

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6 Jun 2014

Hungry thief gets take-away while on the job.

Fish and Chips to go!
The New Daily
Yep this fast food thief has been picking up more than just his order during a series of burglaries  at Melbourne take away stores.Photo
A flaky thief has picked up more than just his fish and chips at a Melbourne takeaway shop.
A man ordered fish and chips at a Carlton store before robbing the upstairs office and stealing a “significant” amount of cash from an unlocked safe on Wednesday afternoon (AEST).
Feeling peckish after the burglary, he returned downstairs, picked up his order and left.
It is not the first time the man has raided a fast food shop. He was caught red-handed in the office of a yoghurt store, also in Carlton, on May 30.
The man, believed to be aged in his late 20s or early 30s, was confronted by staff and left the store empty-handed.
Police said the man is Caucasian, about 185cm tall with a medium build with dark hair and smells of fish and chips..

Shoe box for rent in London

Council refuses to allow shoebox 'studio flat' to be rented out
The apartment, advertised for £737 per month, has been ruled too small to meet legal requirements
Studio flat
Shoebox studio flat in London rented for £170 a week. Photograph: rightmove.co.uk
A tiny studio flat described as a "rabbit hutch" that was up for rent at £737 per month has been taken off the market after inspectors ruled it was too small to meet legal requirements.
The apartment, which consisted of a bed in a kitchen, gained notoriety because it was said to highlight the state of the rental market in London. It was snapped up in less than 16 hours, despite the apparently high price.
But inspectors were called in and imposed an order on Thursday preventing it from being rented out, Islington Borough council's housing chief councilor James Murray said.

5 Jun 2014

Does the Coalition understand its own policies? Evidence says no | Van Badham | Comment is free | theguardian.com

I consider myself reasonably smart, however even I get confused when examining the budget, no wonder!

Does the Coalition understand its own policies? Evidence says no | Van Badham | Comment is free | theguardian.com:

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Baby dies of blood poisoning from contaminated IV drip | Society | The Guardian

Baby dies of blood poisoning from contaminated IV drip | Society | The Guardian:

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Yes Minister is alive and well in Australia.

When is Burma, Burma or when is Myanmar, Myanmar?

CONFUSION over what to call Burma, or Myanmar, depending on who and where you are, seems to have surfaced once again. The PM changes back to the past with Burma directive.
The people of Myanmar like Myanmar
what are we talking about?
For decades, Australia's foreign service referred to the Southeast Asian nation as Burma, but after democratic reforms, the previous Labor government in 2012 changed all official references to the Union of Myanmar.
Now it's been confirmed the Abbott government quietly switched back to Burma in late 2013, as rumoured, when the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) website suddenly reverted to the old title.
Consistency seems to be lacking, though.
DFAT's country brief uses Burma, but the Smartraveller website opts for Burma followed by Myanmar in brackets.
Liberal Senator Helen Kroger appeared unimpressed that references to Myanmar remained at all, given the directive from the prime minister in November.
In particular, the eagle-eyed senator grilled DFAT officials at a Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday about Australia's top envoy being confusingly called the ambassador to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar.
"There was a directive from the prime minister in relation to this foreign policy matter," Ms Kroger told a Senate estimates hearing on Wednesday.
"So you're saying that his word doesn't amount to anything?"
DFAT secretary Peter Varghese assured Senator Kroger his officials were "faithfully implementing" the prime minister's policy changes by the book.
Under the somewhat confusing guidelines, the government's policy is for diplomats and envoys to switch freely between Burma and Myanmar, depending on the circumstances.
When dealing with the government in Yangon or countries that prefer Myanmar, Australian officials follow suit.
But in domestic contexts or dealing with the US or UK, the older Burma title is adopted.
"Our ambassador to Myanmar would be our ambassador to Myanmar, because the country to which she is accredited is Myanmar, in the eyes of the government of Myanmar," Mr Varghese said.
What the hell is going on here!!

Defence Minister blames Labor for mechanical faults?

After 9 months Coalition can't make their own planes fly

So Blame Labor! AGAIN, AGAIN!

The defence minister, David Johnston, has blamed the previous Labor government after Tony Abbott’s departure for Indonesia was delayed by technical problems with his RAAF jet on Wednesday.
Abbott was due to meet Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Batam Island later in the day to improve relations damaged by spying revelations and asylum seeker policies.
But his departure from Canberra was delayed for several hours and a replacement jet had to be brought in.
Johnston said the Rudd government had given the Coalition a "hospital handball" by renewing the contract on the current fleet of jets just before the 2013 election.

        AND PIGS                               CAN FLY?                                                                                          

1 Jun 2014

Abbot has vision, its a vision alright a vision of the stone age.

This is the guy who is slashing research spending, denuding CSIRO and denying the young a good future because of budget cuts to education, and he says he has vision, vision of what I ask you?
This country will loose most of our science graduates to overseas countries that have real vision because we have no vision under this government, that's what  the outcome of this will be.
The brain drain has obviously started early because Abbott and Hockey have already had a different sort of brain drain.
If Tony and Joe ever had a brain between them its obvious that it shrunk dramatically once they were elected.
I apologize for using the word brain when describing these two politicians (err gentlemen).

No sorry, I haven't lately.

Science going back to dark ages,why is it so?

Even convicts tried innovative inventions, into which century is Abbott taking us?

Science going back to dark ages:

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Extreme Right Wing Alive and well in Australia and about to sit in the senate.
Never mind PUP these guys are frightening!

Welcome you good o'l Aussie boys
You boys can be just like us.
Wouldn't that be great!
In the Australian senate from July
The  Family First and the Liberal Democratic Party forming a ''voting bloc''.

David Leyonhjelm, the New South Wales senator-elect representing the Liberal Democrats says that he will vote in alliance with South Australia's Bob Day of Family First  from July 1.
They have agreed to vote together on all economic issues, but will decide their own positions on social issues.

Mr Day believes the minimum wage should be lowered to get people into work and taxes should be lowered across the board.

On Mr Leyonhjelm's policy agenda is privatisation of schools and hospitals, a lower minimum wage and lower tobacco taxes.
We share the same values they say.

After a meeting, Mr Leyonhjelm said of Abbott: ''I quite like the guy, he speaks his mind, a bit like me.''

On Tuesday, Mr Day and Mr Leyonhjelm delivered speeches to the Centre for Independent Studies.

Mr Leyonhjelm said: ''We will push for doing less on nanny state stuff. An end to plain packaging, lower tobacco taxes and fewer smoking rules affecting private property. Stop funding public health advocates who want to control what we eat. Stop funding the environmental organisations that oppose everything about modern society.

''I also intend to press buttons on health and education. There is no justification for the government being a service provider in these. It has a role to determine policy, set standards, monitor quality and inform the public. It does not need to own schools or hospitals, or to employ teachers, doctors or nurses.

When it comes to smaller government, Mr Leyonhjelm said: ''I do not draw the line anywhere.
''I have every intention of using my vote to try and make a difference. I will use argument, reason, pleading and occasionally blackmail.''

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