11 Jun 2014

Abbott and Hockey, the superhero duo from the Dark Side

"I only fear showing feelings"

This Will Be the Best Day of My Life said Joe just before telling the market that his big new product(The Budget) was nothing like the pre-budget advertising or the "promises.

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey appear dumb founded by the backlash to the budget, it was like selling Eskimos refrigerators, they were flogging something that didn't work like it should, it didn't even meet the manufacturer's specifications.

So what to do now say the duo of superhero's(who's budget is like Kryptonite was to Superman), do they simply brazen it out while trying to ignore the glossy brochures printed months ago promising no surprises and no new taxes.

Should they keep telling us this marvellous product is marvellously superior to whatever the customer might have been expecting.

Apparently this super duo believes there's lots of suckers out there in Australia land, particularly the pensioners and less well off, they just have to suck it in and bare it without complaining say the duo.

These Superheros have one major impediment, they are both deaf and have heart problems. They are have selective hearing when listening to the electorate and their hearts go AWOL when ever pensioners mention the word heart.
 “Fear is the path to the dark side…fear leads to anger…anger leads to hate…hate leads to suffering.”

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