25 Jun 2014

Australia:- The new Top mouse has to learn to play.


The new mouse in charge has to learn how to play.
Now its quite a while since the mice(Coalition) came out to play.

Now the mice have been given a lot of new toys to play with, so the Top mouse for the Coalition has divided the toys up among the other mice and he kept some of the special toys for himself.

The top mouse thought the other mice were more than capable of taking care of the toys he had given them because they didn't need to worry about the (Labor)Opposition anymore, after all they won the election didn't they.

So he relaxed, then to his horror he found that some of the mice were making a terrible racket squeaking to the press and generally making his job harder. He was surprised at their behaviour, because they were all well behaved when they were the Opposition,what was he to do.

He gathered the well behaved mice around him and he decided that the other mice who were doing all the squealing would have to wear muzzles until they learnt how to behave.

Now the (Labor)Opposition who'd been away on rehabilitation leave, checked their emails one morning and found out just how much trouble the Top mouse was in and they laughed with relief and when they read the budget papers, they couldn't believe their luck. They had been afraid that while there were away, the mice, especially the Top mouse would have a ball.

They had an idea that all these new toys that the mice had would go to their heads and it seemed as though they had. The mice had apparently found a large sledge hammer and were using it to drive in large nails instead of using a small hammer and small nails to build their new budget.

Anyway the (Labor)opposition realised this situation wouldn't last long and that eventually the mice would wake up and reach a compromise on their budget policies so they decided to come early in the new term.
We don't know how this story will pan out, because the mice are clever little devils
 and if they get it together they might keep all the toys for a long time.

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