12 Jun 2014

Be like a Panda, they're not racist.

So who’s a racist? Not you, of course and certainly not me.

Maybe not many of us at all.

Although we recently heard of a sports commentator quitting his job over an on-air quote from an old movie that included the word ‘‘darky’’.

Its frankly crazy to label people racist on the basis on one or two remarks.

I'm sure that we could all be called racist at one time or another, we've probably heard or accepted such remarks as"I'm working like a black fella" or "Thanks mate, you’re a white man.’’

Sometimes we hear people say Australia is a wicked racist country. Sure we once banned Aborigines from swimming pools etc, and in some areas of Australia this is still unfinished business.

That doesn't mean we are really racist? Do you know anyone in this country who would deny non-white children an education? Who wouldn't shake the hand of a non-white person? No.

I believe that people can say racist things because they are afflicted, temporarily or permanently, with stupidity, like a certain person in the media. Does that mean they're a racist. I'm not convinced it does.

 I don’t believe there are that many true racists at all. They would be people obsessed with the supremacy of their race to the exclusion of any others.

There are some real ones out there, hidden in the background, however their numbers are negligible and even the refugee situation fired up by the government has not grown the brand.
I reckon that the overwhelming majority of us, no matter the colour, are probably as ‘‘racist’’ as each other. What I mean is we're not really racist at all. It’s just that we, everybody, sometimes say the stupidest things.

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