5 Jun 2014

Defence Minister blames Labor for mechanical faults?

After 9 months Coalition can't make their own planes fly

So Blame Labor! AGAIN, AGAIN!

The defence minister, David Johnston, has blamed the previous Labor government after Tony Abbott’s departure for Indonesia was delayed by technical problems with his RAAF jet on Wednesday.
Abbott was due to meet Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on Batam Island later in the day to improve relations damaged by spying revelations and asylum seeker policies.
But his departure from Canberra was delayed for several hours and a replacement jet had to be brought in.
Johnston said the Rudd government had given the Coalition a "hospital handball" by renewing the contract on the current fleet of jets just before the 2013 election.

        AND PIGS                               CAN FLY?                                                                                          

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