15 Jun 2014

Schooling for refugee children is to be run by Catholic Education Office.WAS THERE A TENDER?

Considering most of the Coalitions heavyweights are all Catholics this decision should come as no surprise.


Children asylum seekers in detention on Christmas Island will attend a learning centre run by the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia.
The immigration minister, Scott Morrison, announced on Friday the signing of a deal to provide full-time education services for detainee children, following long-running concerns about the adequacy of schooling available to young asylum seekers on the island.
The agreement with the Catholic Education Office flows on from the government's decision to allocate $2.6m in last month's budget "to fund access to full-time school education for all school-aged illegal maritime arrivals on Christmas Island".
Morrison said the learning centre at the island's Phosphate Hill Alternative Place of Detention would enrol up to 150 children and provide full-time education for all kindergarten, primary and high school-aged children detained on the island.
The Catholic Education Office was currently recruiting a principal, teachers and teaching assistants, the government’s statement said. The office would deliver services from term three but would not provide religious instruction?  MMM, MMM?

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