16 Jul 2014

Abbott tells us News Ltd had nothing to do with him being PM

Delusional , Dumb or blind

Former prime minister John Howard had the Australian newspaper to thank for his elevation to the nation's top job, Tony Abbott says.
Tony Abbott our current prime minister says the News Corp publication, or any of its state-based stablemates had nothing to do with his own success as he championed the masthead's objectivity on its 50th birthday.
Perhaps Tony can't read, I thought it would have been picked up earlier, mind you he could be blind. There must be some excuse for making such a blindly obvious inaccurate statement about  News Ltd being objective. I know what it is, he only reads the sports pages??
Abbott also said the contemporary publication was "one of the world's very best".
Yes Tony I totally agree, it was a great paper when it first started but boy has it changed. It started out being objective and balanced now it's just a hack paper dancing to its owners tune, even the few people who read it are being continuously bombarded by biased information.
Tony tells us that he wants to "kill" the urban myth that News Corp papers are mouthpieces for boss Rupert Murdoch.
Sorry Tony, the paper dances to Rupert's tone and so do you, although I don't think you realise it.
"The Australian has borne his ideals but not his fingerprints: it has been his gift to our nation," Abbott told an audience which included past and present politicians, sporting greats and business leaders.
I'm afraid Tony your forensic science is not very good because Rupert's finger prints are all over it mate.
The newspaper barracks for causes rather than political parties, promotes issues not individuals and tells both sides of a story, the prime minister said.
I'm cacking myself, I cannot believe this last line.

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