25 Jul 2014

Australian government. "A back flip or plain common sense"

Has tony Abbott found his heart.
Commonsense prevails it seems if this story is correct.
From the Guardian Australia
The Australian border protection vessel carrying 157 Tamil asylum seekers is on its way to the Australian territory of the Cocos Islands, where the department of immigration plans to transfer the asylum seekers to immigration detention on the Australian mainland. 
The whereabouts of the boat and the welfare of those on board have been closely guarded secrets with only senior personnel of Australia’s hardline border protection regime Operation Sovereign Borders briefed on its location.
Senior sources have told Guardian Australia of the government’s plans. It is understood that the government plans to take the asylum seekers to Curtin detention centre in Western Australia, not Christmas Island. The customs vessel carrying the asylum seekers will land on the Cocos Islands on Saturday.
The decision to move those on board to detention in Australia comes amid an ongoing high court case into the legality of their detention under the Maritime Powers Act.

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