9 Jul 2014

Boat people:- The refugee saga is starting to look like ping pong when you play yourself.

Magic boats are not there, or are there?

My condensed version of the government’s response  to the press with regard to boats and refugees.


We can tell you they could be there and there could be a number of people aboard if there was a boat.

Now you see it now you don’t.

Is there a boat, well we can’t say. If there are people aboard we can’t tell you.

Well there could be people aboard and if they are there we might or might not send them back, that’s only if there are any people or boats.

We can’t comment on an incident that may or may not have happened because we are doing this to save the lives of refugees who may or may not be aboard boats that may or may not exist.

The intentions of this government are honourable that is why we can’t allow the public to know what we are doing, if we are doing anything.

Not that we are confirming or denying the existence of boats or people aboard such boats that may or may not be there at all.

It's so good to see open government in action with regular press conferences that keep the electorate informed

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