20 Jul 2014

Hemp/Cannabis: Australian politicians are suffering hallucinations when it comes to growing non-hallucinogenic hemp, it is nonsensical.

Joseph Banks
He saw potential years ago

The politics of pot continue to cloud the debate about hemp seed food in Australia despite the national food standards authority finding the product is safe to eat and a health food.
Helping farmers to diversify and grow is supposed to be the government's priority, yet they are not giving them a level playing field.

Most developed countries grow hemp for food and fibre yet Australia is stunting the growth of our farmers because they, the politicians can't tell the difference between POT and commercial hemp

In Australia before there were steam and diesel engines, there were canvas sails and ropes made out of hemp and clothing was made from hemp.

In England, they had difficulty sourcing sufficient hemp in Europe because of treaties between continental powers, and at one stage Napoleon tried to blockade hemp shipments from reaching England as part of his tactics.

The War of Independence was a blow to hemp supplies, so when there was discussion of a colony, the potential for hemp production was explored.

Remember that, at this time, rope and sail were as important as oil is today.

Joseph Banks encouraged the growing of hemp by colonies and had noticed and named the New Zealand Flax plant (Phormium Tenax) on his voyage with Cook. It was used by the Maoris for cloth, twine and rope, and Banks was intrigued by its possibilities.

Now we are in the year 2014 and we are handicapping its production, why because of politics, farmers aren't wanting to grow POT they just want to do what they do, grow food and fibre.

The political parties federally and in the states can't break the nexus in their minds between the different types of cannabis, they think its all pot.

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