31 Jul 2014

How in the world did we allow this to happen? Now we cannot see it happening!!

What conflict is this? Guess?

“How in the world did we allow this to happen?” This is the question that was asked after the second world war when the world found out about the horrors handed out to Jews and others.
Now we have a variation to the question "why are we allowing this to happen now". No they are not  hidden atrocities, these things are happening right in front of us, the world powers.
We see children born to the same trauma, a country that has been under siege for seven years, not unlike the Warsaw Ghetto.
Fishermen are shot at when they chase fish at sea, trade is blocked and travel is nearly impossible. Water is contaminated. Hospital supplies are lacking. The economy is kept in controlled collapse, everything is rationed. Everything that enters, from calories to world literature is controlled.
Now we have a situation where, for every loss of life on one side there is collective retribution taken by the party with the most power. This is very similar to the retributions taken in WWII and we the world was so shocked when it learned the truth.
This is not a real war its more like an insurgency, sure there is an argument for self-defense, however this appears to be a punitive expedition aimed at maintaining the siege and illegal military occupation.
Civilians, hospitals and residential blocks bear the brunt of the attack because the only “military” aim of onslaught is to cower inhabitants into complete submission.
The body count, be it children or the elderly is just collateral damage. One party's body seems to be worth thirty times another.
Could it be that this dominant country's aim is to force the inhabitants out of this area so that they can annex the vacant territory, one wonders?
We were disgusted by the horrors revealed after WWII and the apartheid era and yet the world stands by with its head firmly placed up its anus.

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