23 Jul 2014

Joe Hockey(Shrek) may be more like "DARTH VADER"

'Shrek' THE JOLLY GREEN GIANT may not be the soft and cuddly green giant we thought him to be, in his authorised biography Joe Hockey appears to be more like a Darth Vader "one who would happily call in the Storm Troopers to get his way"

His apparent belief in using a club to balance the budget belies our understanding of the man, myself along with many others thought that Tony Abbott was the hard head of the right wing Coalition and Joe the jolly empathetic one.

We now know that the jolly green giant is not so jolly in real life, he fooled us all with the likable persona he presented on 'Sunrise', underneath we apparently have a blind banker who cares for nothing but the bottom line and seems be immune to the damage it may cause to the average Joe.

No this particular Joe, that is"Joe Hockey" is very far from being average, his empathy it seems was manufactured to create the jolly green giant image but now we can see the real Joe.

Now I have had a lot of fun labelling Tony Abbott as the big bad bogeyman in this extreme right wing soup, now I have to add another larger green ingredient to the mix.

Whoa! My belief in GREEN has taken a heavy hit, I must meditate for some time to accept the fact that there are good and bad GREENS.

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