7 Jul 2014

Normal humanity, all variations of normal


Do you know what its like to be normal
To walk and run and just have fun
To talk and sing or do anything
See the sky, or pictures and other things
Hear the sounds of the morning when it comes
Feel the softness of a woman's touch

These are the things we call normal
Now do you ever think, what is normal?
It's not being different, different at all
That is what normal means

What’s the opposite, what does it mean
Is it being a cripple unlike you or me
Or unable to see, hear or think like we

Can they enjoy a sunny day like us, yes
And they feel love and kindness
Yes they laugh and cry just like us
All these things they feel, like you and me
 You would say that’s normal don’t you agree

Now you know, they’re just  like you and me
When you see someone less fortunate we

Remember how normal we all can be


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