18 Jul 2014

The Muslim world is as far from liberal democracy as ever. Our intervention meant very little.

After a trillion dollars of intervention by the west what did we leave?

We can now to say the agonies now being experienced from Lebanon to the borders of Pakistan and India are self-inflicted and "Muslim on Muslim", however they have all have been stirred by by western meddling.

We have sent our youngest and bravest to these lands in the name of freedom and they have given their lives willingly for what they believed was a good cause, a great cause according to our political masters.
What have we achieved with our Invading armies, occupations, drone bombings, we have given extremists the most potent recruiting tools they could have wished for, we have given sustenance to  the extremists and fired the young with misguided belief systems.

They must rank as blunders of the highest order and the most counter-productive military adventures of recent times.
Those westerners who exulted in the Arab spring now seem naive visionaries.

The uprisings may have toppled some secular bullies, often with the aid of western arms, but the resulting chaos delivered fanatical authority as the only focus of order and intellectual coherence.
All that the west can sensibly now do is look on with pain and sympathy.

The "Blood-curdling" invitations to young Australians and others to go out and fight should be not be downplayed.

Religious wars are always the worst, but they are also the hardest to end and outsiders rarely have a lasting effect, history should teach us one thing, outsiders add little meaning to these episodes.

Young people in Australia don't be taken in by the rhetoric of fanatics, if you wish to do good in this world, do good in Australia first we need you here, helping us to make this an even better Australia. 

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