27 Aug 2014

Allowing the government to change laws to erode the presumption of innocence is a big mistake.

I wish I'd have thought of this years ago.
The proposal to erode the presumption of innocence by making it an offence to travel to a designated area — such as Iraq or Syria — without a valid reason(what is a valid reason) would make it easier to identify, charge and prosecute Australian fighters engaged in terrorist activities overseas say the government.
No doubt it would achieve the outcome the government wants but at what cost, if they really need these changes, then temporarily maybe they could be looked at, however to give them the power to change a law that is the basis of our legal system is ridiculous.
This is a panic reaction and it will curb the liberties and freedoms of all Australians in the future, this would mean “the terrorists  have forced us to over react and essentially lose our rights.
Surely this is a win for the terrorists, the presumption of innocence is the anchor of our legal system.
The government will have to navigate a hostile Senate thank god to remove this basic right and no matter what you may think of some Senators I am pleased to see some scrutiny before this citizens freedom and rights are destroyed by a panicking government.

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