31 Aug 2014

Arthur Phillip is as significant to modern Australia as George Washington is to the modern United States? 'Bollocks"

In your dreams Tony! 
Tony Abbott's comparison between Arthur Phillip and George Washington is ludicrous, Arthur Phillip was under orders from England to settle Australia it was not his decision to make, he was selected for the job.

It could be argued that he was the best of a bad lot, as far as governors is concerned, however to place him alongside Washington is wrong. I am sure you would not find any historian who would link these two men as equals. He has bent the truth to suit his view of history

Tony Abbott obviously longs for the old British empire and he is trying to drag Australia backwards in time, his first step was to bring back the title system.

His plans for the future, who knows, perhaps he will make himself King, he has already made himself Captain of Team Australia. The state's could become Dukedoms and the premiers could become Dukes.

The idea of turning back the clock could be appealing to Tony, we could empty our prisons by sentencing our convicts to hard labor on Manus Ireland, Nauru or New Guinea, we already have the facilities there and now the boats have stopped they will be empty soon.

The mind boggles at the advantages we could gain by going backwards. we could reintroduce 'work houses' for the unemployed, problem solved. Mental institutions could be brought back and could do without a Health system. I could list many more improvements that would be available to us if we slip back in time with Tony Abbott.

We Australians however aren't like the convicts or early settlers we are better educated and we will not allow ourselves to be dragged back in time Tony, we don't want to become British subjects again no matter how you long for it.

The sooner Australia becomes a republic the better.
Britain did not make us what we are today, we did, yes we the average Australians have made this country what it is, we don't have to honor a person for doing his job for another country 13,000 Kilometers away.

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