25 Aug 2014

Australia's financial melanoma. Fix it with alternative thinking please.

People will bite the hand that hurts them!

COALITION frontbencher Barnaby Joyce says “hard decisions” must be made early to turn the budget around, its like a “financial melanoma” that would “kill us”
“If you’re trying to turn the finances of our nation around, there are going to be hard decisions that are made"said Barnaby.

Yes Barnaby I agree and one of the hard decision for you is to admit this budget, they way it is drafted stinks to high heaven.
You and the Coalition  just do not understand the concerns people have, you're all be a bit thick, if you can't understand there are alternatives?

Basically this budget is unfair it is not shared pain, it is targeted at the people that can least afford it. If the pain were shared equally they could get what they want from their budget.They could achieve their outcome and turn the debt problem around.

It's all about ideology and no common sense.
This is no financial melanoma, it will not kill us because unlike melanoma we have an alternative cure.

Shrill and irresponsible” rhetoric from the government is not a cure, and frightening the people is not a cure.

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