19 Aug 2014

Bags of money are OK. It's labors fault for making the law says Tony Abbott.


The resignation of two NSW Liberal MPs over corruption allegations has prompted the prime minister to say, the “problem” was the former Labor NSW government banning property developer donations in the first place.
He apparently is not in favour of such a law.
In other words is he saying that to take MONEY IN BROWN PAPER BAGS from developers, who obviously expect something in return is OK?
“The problem was that the former state Labor government, because of a predicament it found itself in, introduced laws banning donations from developers.”said Abbott.
“Who exactly is a developer? That can sometimes be a difficult question he said.
Tony Abbott is our Prime Minister and you would think that if the average Joe in the street can pick a developer, he along with other members of his party should be able to also.
Then apparently to Tony Abbott's horror, they, the Labor party also introduced legislation to limit the total amount of donations and political parties need to raise money.
What a dastardly thing to do, goodness me.
“I think it’s right that political parties have to go to the public and seek support that way rather than just being able to rely solely on the taxpayer" said Tony.
There are suggestions about, that the Coalition will rescind these same laws if given the chance.
So these matters may never see the light of day in the future and it will be open slather once again for parties to be beholden to vested interests.
Now I wonder why we are loosing faith in members of parliament

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