14 Aug 2014

Could Australia do this? Not a bad idea.

A national campaign similar to this would work, however the need to make it compulsory  is doubtful. 

France;  MPs want to make it mandatory for supermarkets to hand over all their unsold food to foodbanks

A group of French MPs has tabled a law to make it compulsory for supermarkets to hand over all unsold food still fit for consumption to charity.
Many supermarket chains in France already donate unsold produce to charities, but 63 MPs from across the political spectrum would like to see the practice enshrined in law.
Late last month, they tabled a draft bill making it compulsory for supermarkets with 10,800 square feet of floor space to give their “unsold but still consumable food products to at least one food charity.”
Belgium was the first to introduce a similar law in May. The move followed proposals by the European Union to scrap compulsory “best before” labels on coffee, rice, dry pasta, hard cheeses, jams and pickles to help reduce the estimated 100 million tons of food wasted in Europe each year.

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