2 Aug 2014

Marijuana for pain relief. Illegal, why!!

Canberra's politician struggle with an idea
This drug can be used for things other than getting high.

Chronic pain is e very debilitating thing, it is hard to believe that politicians are so blinkered when it comes to Marijuana.

Perhaps the anti-drug campaigns have been so successful that they have hidden from us the fact that this can be a very useful drug in some circumstances.

The time has come for us to look at the uses of this drug in a practical manner and for us to break the nexus between drug use and medical use.
Morphine is used every day for medical purposes and you know where it comes from.

I feel sorry for Ms Gallagher for in her position as Chief minister she had no option because she was dammed if she did and dammed if she didn't report "this so called illegal use of this drug" in the case of this young child, however it has highlighted the problem for those suffering in pain.

The A.C.T.should lead the way and legalise its use for medical purposes, forget the images of druggies and start thinking about how it could be used for good.

Ms Gallagher said on a ''very personal level'', she supported people using marijuana for pain relief, particularly having seen her parents pass away as a result of a terminal illness, but as a lawmaker she acknowledged the difficulties in setting up such a system.

She has previously said she would consider the legislation to legalise marijuana in the territory, which will not pass the assembly without the support of either Labor or the Liberals.

Over one million Americans are legally using medical marijuana—or "cannabis," as it is more properly called—under the care of their medical professional, and more than 40% of the nation lives in a state where this treatment is an option. 

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