7 Aug 2014

New Anti terrorism laws, what are they, your guess is as good as mine?

Team Australia what a laugh!
To build a team you have to be inclusive, you must give details, the Australian people including Tony Abbott's "Team Australia" don't write blank cheques.

Business and the people are in the dark, once again this government is treating us like mushrooms.

How necessary these laws are and how effective they may be is also difficult to gauge – intelligence officials insist the terrorist threat is set to rise when Australians fighting in foreign wars return home.
The Prime minister was clear that right now the terror threat has not changed from what it was yesterday, so why are we acting as if the world is going to end tomorrow if these new laws are not enacted immediately without consultation.
The government wants unity is on this matter, how will they get unity on this issue when most of the cabinet and the major telecommunications companies found out about the policy to force telcos to retain customers’ meta data from reading Tuesday's newspaper, after a meeting of the national security council.
Party members received short briefing with no details after cabinet, which suggested nothing much would change.
Now every Australian wants the security agencies to be effective in avoiding a terrorist attack, however where is the detail, it is impossible to tell whether the government is achieving its aim to “defend the system without damaging the system”.
It appears they are not considering defending freedoms but rather to unduly constrain them.
I’m not sure about members of “Team Australia” – whatever that means – but I prefer to judge policies on their merits.
Show them to us we are not children and neither are your own party members.

Based on an article by Lenore Taylor 'The Guardian" 

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