17 Aug 2014

Poor Joe Hockey first a stuff up. Now he has committed a 'Schlimmbesserung'

It's only a small hole!
When you're on the bottom looking up it's much bigger.

Little did Joe or anyone ells realise that he had committed such an act, apparently this little used German word that was in common use 200 hundred years ago has now resurfaced.

The Germans have a perfect word for Joe Hockey's stuff up of the week.

What is the word, well its 'schlimmbesserung'. It means an attempt to make things better that only ends up making things worse.

We of course have our own words for such things, however it's good to know that we are not alone in having words that are apt for such occasions.

'Schlimmbesserung' has a ring to it and as we have seen recently, we have many shenanigans that fit the description of such a word.

Our words I'm afraid are not as commanding as 'Schlimmbesserung', "It's a Stuff-up", "Makes aBooboo", "He's F***ked it up, none can match 'Schlimmbesserung'.

I can see its use in future headlines:

P.M. DOES 'SCHLIMMBESSERUNG'(Minor change to budget)


WALLABY'S DO A "SCHLIMMBESSERUNG'(A draw is a win)                        

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