14 Aug 2014

Slash and burn government policy could put Australian's at risk!

One eyed government

This Crucial Research is life saving.

Up to eight researchers at Geelong’s Australian Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL) researching infectious diseases are set to lose their jobs.

Scientists at the high-containment facility recently started researching the deadly Ebola virus, currently the subject of a deadly outbreak throughout parts of West Africa which had killed 1000 people, and was also vital in protecting Australia from avian influenza and the Hendra virus.

These latest cuts to CSIRO are particularly illogical and short-sighted when we can see the importance of this type of research.

The CSIRO) has a world-class reputation for research into zoonotic diseases; viruses that can be passed from animals to humans.

This is just plain stupid, to save a miserable few dollars, it is beyond belief.

 This is terrible news for hardworking researchers who are dedicated to keeping Australians – indeed the world’s population – safe from illness.”

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