10 Aug 2014

Watching and Thumbs-up are banned from Nauru?

Five Save the Children employees working in the detention centre for families on Nauru were suspended during a crackdown on employees.

One was suspended after security guards observed her giving a “thumbs up” to a group of women protesting in the family camp, and another two were suspended after they were seen watching the protests from a distance.

This is seen to be encouraging or engaging asylum seekers who protest peacefully.

Some of the contractors it seems must have been swatting up on how to run a concentration camp rather than a detention camp.

Did Scott Morrison sent the wrong reading matter to the contractors.
The five employees, one teacher working with children, two recreation staff, and two case managers were suspended last week following requests from the immigration department.
The Nauru contractors said Australian that staff are being instructed not to engage with any asylum seekers taking part in the protests, apparently this also includes looking in their direction.
The suspension of the teacher has meant that teaching aides have been forced to teach classes to some of the 193 children detained on Nauru.
The allegations were sent by security company Wilson to Canberra where the department requested the suspensions.

All allegations were eventually dropped this week, but some of those suspended have already left the island. I wonder why?
I know Nothing, Nothing.......That would be what Sargent Scott Morrison's answer

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