18 Sept 2014

Australian Pensions,Medicare and Taxation to be shipped overseas?

Telstra takes over Medicare, Centrelink call centres

The move toward Telstra handling calls for Centrelink and Medicare follows the government's call for private players to bid for Medicare and Veterans' Affairs payments.

The Australian Taxation Office was mulling a proposal to move  outsourced IT work to the Philippines.

Outsourcing is another word for privatization but outsourcing to other countries, come on, the handling of Medical, Pension, Veterans Affairs and Taxation offshore is completely over the top.

You may think our Australian call centers have us fuming, just imagine how bad it could get if we are dealing with people in another country.

Press button 1

"You are being connected to another country
your call may be translated"

Press button 2
Press button 8
Press button 10
Press button 13
"You will be connected to our complaints department
somewhere on planet earth or to the nearest planet available"

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