27 Sept 2014

Cambodia :- Scott Morrison too clever by half or just plain stupid.

Is this the governments new form of waste management
Outsourcing our problem
to one of the poorest countries in Asia

Cambodia: - Operation Sovereign Borders is still working. Scott Morrison refuses to  tell us about $40 million gift to Cambodia.

The Australian government once again wants to keep us all in the dark about the deal done with Cambodia for taking refugees,  is it a bribe or something else.

On my reckoning based on the fact that all Cambodia is offering at the moment is to take 'just five refugees' it amounts to $8 million per person.

Now I could be quite wrong but seeing as how we are being told nothing, it’s the best I can do.

A government so intent on fixing the so called budget black hole it does not appear to be a clever thing to do, chucking a bag full of money at a greedy government.

Sending people to Cambodia a country with such a bad track record for corruption and taking care of its own people and offering a $40 million incentive payment does not enhance this government’s reputation in the world.

As for us poor Australian electors (mushrooms) who live in the dark and are given ample amounts of fresh manure from this government.

I think it’s about time we were given a change of diet.

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