14 Sept 2014

Canberra and nursing homes, we've heard it all before, its about time it was fixed!

Year 2014: ACT nursing homes put elderly at risk.

Under staffed, underfed and unwashed residents.
On a regular basis these stories emerge, why, could it be that nursing homes are run for profit and therefore always looking to cut corners to save money.

Am I too harsh on the industry by suggesting such a thing, I don't think so.

The carers, the ones at the coal face say themselves that many homes are run strictly as commercial enterprises, they may be owned by religious organisations but they are run for profit.

All the relatives and carers are asking for minimum staff ratios.
You would think that a human being is not asking to much for this basic requirement to be met.

The reaction from the federal government is as follows:

Federal assistant minister for Social Services senator Mitch Fifield said the government took "care of our older community seriously"  but had no plans to implement minimum staff ratios.

"Commonwealth-funded aged-care providers are required by law to meet accreditation standards to ensure that quality care and services are provided to all residents," he said.

"Under the Standards aged-care providers must ensure there are adequate numbers of skilled staff to meet the individual care needs of residents.

"The ratio of staff-to-residents varies across facilities depending on the care needs of their residents which will fluctuate.

"As there is no single optimum staffing level or mix that meets all circumstances in providing quality aged care, Commonwealth legislation governing the operation of the aged-care sector does not include mandatory staff-to-resident ratios."

As you can see this government has once again buried its head in the sand on this issue. Why is it that successive Australian governments have sidestepped this issue.

We will all become aged if we're lucky, don't we deserve better?

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