28 Sept 2014

Politicians say politicians in federal parliament would never be corrupt. We don't need an ICAC.

We are clean as the driven snow say pollies.

Australian Federal politicians reject oversight by a similar body as ICAC saying that they are above suspicion and no one thinks that Federal politician could possibly be corrupt

“Sometimes they think we are incompetent ... but when it comes to corruption I don’t think Australians think we’re corrupt,” said one MP

Why wouldn’t we want an federal institution similar to ICAC just to ensure that Australia is properly equipped to deal with the prevention of corruption and misconduct.

This would go some way to restore the faith of the Australian people in the integrity of our democracy.

For politicians to say we  don’t live in that world is crap.

I live in a world where it seems to me politicians and politics in general is are held in very low regard and the public's attitude towards politics in Australia is at a very low ebb.

Why would a body of ICAC's standing be a threat to federal politicians, are they frightened of something, is that why they killed this proposal?

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