25 Sept 2014

Terrorism in Australia, how not to beat it!

How not to beat terrorism!

The threat of terrorism is now a fact of life in Australia, how we handle it will determine how effective home grown terrorists become.

The worst thing we can do is demonise all Muslims because all that will do to the youth is to reinforce their feelings, of being picked on for being Muslims. This in turn will encourage vulnerable young Muslims to react and to believe what they are told by extremists.

In this regard our newspapers are ham fisted in their approach, rather than tell us just the horrible facts of a story, they bombard us with anti-Muslim rhetoric which gives succour to radical Muslims.

There appears to be no attempt to balance the story, to lower the temperature of the debate. They don’t seem to show us interviews with the many Muslims I’m sure who are disgusted by the be headings and mass killings.

One would think that the news media would be intelligent enough to realise what they are doing, not only to the Muslim youth but also to the gullible youth of Australia who will come to believe that it is okay to vandalise property and taunt Muslims because they are all terrorists.

Extremism in its self can breed an extreme reaction, if we are not careful. We have to tread carefully if we want to avoid any such over reaction.

The aim of these Muslim terrorists in this instance is to recruit all Muslims by making them feel threatened and under attack,  are we so stupid as to not see that we are playing into their hands by over simplifying this mess into an us versus and them war.

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