16 Sept 2014

Tony Abbott's eye is not on the ball it seems. Indigenous peoples are still forgotten.

Indigenous department in disarray since PM's Department took over.
Based on an article by Celeste Liddle: 15/9/2014
The Guardian

Is the an Australia to be proud of in 2014, I don't think so!
Two weeks ago, reports emerged that the Utopia Homelands, a Northern Territory Indigenous community was suffering acute water shortages after a bore at Amengernternenh collapsed during council maintenance works.
The health service and several communities have had little to no access to water and sanitation for 10 whole weeks. Kids have no drinking water at their school.
A massive outbreak of scabies has resulted from the water shortage and the health service has no water to wash bedclothes or flush toilets.
Scabies, when left untreated, can potentially lead to kidney disease. Both scabies and chronic kidney disease are experienced at inflated rates in Indigenous communities.
The Northern Territory Intervention, studies revealed the Utopia homelands to be one of the healthiest Indigenous communities in the NT, with a lower prevalence of several chronic illnesses. 
The water situation doesn’t seem to have improved. In the meantime, the Barkly Shire response has been so disappointing that fundraising is underway, in the hope that the situation can be privately rectified in a more timely fashion.
It seems that access to water is not quite so important if you happen to be living in an Aboriginal community in the NT

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