22 Oct 2014

A Whitlam era, compare today!


Written by S.W.T.Read
Based on an article by Ian Warden

Was there in Australia a Whitlam era, how far away are we NOW.

What of today's Prime minister, a Liberal Party's industrial chemists invention made in the party's laboratories from freeze-dried and eggs and DNA material harvested during the stale, forbidding Menzies' years.

The reintroduction of Dames and Knights is a glimpse of his forward thinking for Australia. The factions within the Coalition seem to choose any leader who can win.(even a drovers dog could have won this time) They don't look for true leadership qualities.

As for the Labor party, its probably Gough's fault that they try to compare his heyday to that of today's Labor Party. Now what do we have, we have small not towering figures, its truly awful. The factions always consider their own power base ahead of choosing the best talent.

They, the Labor party began in 1972 to believe that henceforth every leader of the Labor Party would have something Whitlamesque about him or herself. It was a delusion they have never found an equal.(Hawke was the nearest)
Whitlam's rise brought us such joyous delivery in the big house compared to the mundane and irritating cat fighting of the parliament today.

Today we have slow-witted Tony Abbott who can't do better than threaten to "shirtfront" those he doesn't like while Shorten seems to ignore an opportunity for a short quick jab.

If there were someone as quick-witted as  Whitlam he would fire a malicious quip and take quip-sized chunks out of a PM who used such language and it would be done with great panache.

Whitlam was a great leader who was in a hurry, in a hurry to make Australia part of the world, he delivered much and promised much but haste was his greatest enemy.

He took his eye of the ball, he was not a good coach, however you could say he won a premiership of ideas.

It can never be said that he was frightened or that he never achieved.

Weather he was wise to act with such haste, perhaps not.

However the Coalition's subsequent behaviour in blocking supply and forcing his dismissal does support his haste to accomplish his aims, perhaps that was his only chance to put his policies into practise. 

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