28 Oct 2014

Canberra:- Is TPP just code for selling 'The Australian Fair Go'

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement is starting to take shape and may be concluded by year's end.
Should we be frightened, you bet your life, why because we are being kept in the dark.
The secrecy around the TPP is astounding the government is about to do a deal that will effect  every Australian and we are not allowed to even see even the barest detail.

The deal is set to cover 40 per cent of the global economy.
In the mean time our minister for trade is telling us nothing accept "We are trying to make as many final decisions as we can and bring this thing to conclusion.

We are dealing with major economies with much more clout than us, you can bet that when the last cards are dealt we won't come out with a royal flush, we'll be lucky if we come out with a pair of twos.

The secretive negotiations involved in the process is beyond believe, the only winners in this will be the multinationals, they are the ones that are driving this and they will be the only real winners.

This government with their unshakable belief in the free enterprise bible is not one that can inspire us to believe they will stand up for us the people.

We the consumers(we are no longer people) are just numbers that can improve the bottom line. It is no wonder that the TPP has attracted criticism for being closed off from public view.
Critics worry the deal will see the cost of medicines skyrocket and crush freedom of speech through onerous copyright laws.
We are fearful the negotiations are not in the interest of Australians. This deal could give all the power to corporations and reduce government's ability to legislate in our public interest and nothing has been said to assure us that this will not happen.
As an example the US is apparently attacking access to life-saving medicines via its push for pharmaceutical companies to have longer monopolies over brand name drugs as part of the TPP.
"This is not the intention or the outcome that will occur with this particular 21st century agreement."Says Minister Rob.

Can we believe him when everything is kept secret, I for one do not.

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