17 Oct 2014

Fairfax Media to get rid of more staff, the demise of a great honest newspaper group.



Fairfax Media to get rid of subeditors and photographers what's next.


Loading more work on reporters means less front line news reporting already we see newspaper groups copying news from one another. In depth reporting has become a relic of the past and as for local reporting its almost dead.

News today is cloning of the same stories by publishers, a tweak here a tweak there and they try to make us believe each story is different.

Now days you can look at news headlines in any part of the world and they are copies, sure there was an original story once, before the clones took over.

Newspapers and journalists have reached the same high level of esteem as politicians. Some people including journalists laugh at this of but it is a sad day when our press coverage has sunk to such low depths.

The newspaper owners are no longer newspaper men but accountants who live by the mighty dollar, reputation no longer counts, even quality is bypassed, its all about what sells even if its trash, all for the sake of the bottom line and increasing profits.

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