21 Oct 2014

Gough Whitlam was once described as someone who could reach for the sky, where are such people today?

Reaching for the sky is not something we'll ever see from the batch of parliamentarians that now occupy the house on the hill in Canberra.

The courage to use their imagination when constructing policies has long been forgotten, for today its all about the latest polls. The 24 hour news cycle dictates everything.

The National disability scheme is the first innovative policy we've seen for years, do we have anyone in either party at the moment who inspires us, that really shows true leadership,no.

Where are the inspirational leaders, where have they gone, both the major parties have so many media minders they all act like ventriloquist's dummies.

Every word is analysed for its true meaning, every sentence taken apart by the minders so the media can create a story, this is what we the people are force fed with daily.

I wonder, why we do we hold our pollies with so much contempt.

If they could just be themselves, warts and all, we'd know they were real people, we know people are human and make mistakes but we don't believe people are sincere if they are sanitised, homogenised and deodorised before we see them.

Where am I coming from, well I just long for real people, politicians who can put the game playing and point scoring aside and put forward real policy, changes that are inclusive.

We have a government that is locked into a long past ideology that does not live in this century and an opposition that keeps telling us that it is not up to an opposition to put forward policies.

Am I pessimistic, yes it seems no one has guts enough to break the mold they have been cloned into, they have become politicians and their main aim is to be re-elected.

The truth is politics in this country has become bloody boring and why I write about the bloody stuff amazes me.

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