23 Oct 2014

Is this Australia or Nazi Germany. Our Esteemed Leader strikes the right to know.

The federal government is seeking to abolish mandatory reporting by telcos of the number of disclosures made to government agencies for Australians’ personal phone, location and web data.
Why they would with hold these statistics is beyond me, surely such basic information should be available to the public.
A bill will be introduced in the lower house on Wednesday that would repeal a series of reporting requirements for telecommunications companies to reveal the number of disclosures they have made each year for warrantless requests for Australians’ personal data.
All Australians should be alarmed at the push to remove the reporting obligations.
If passed, it will mean telecommunications companies can keep secret the total number of disclosures of Australians’ personal data.
This removes from us, the voters, the right to see at least the number of disclosures, we are entitled to this information as Australian citizens.

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