16 Oct 2014

Meta data and horses, what do they have in common.

Meta Data, could this horse win the race?
Its to late once the horse has bolted.

If we let this horse roam free for to long it will never be tamed again and we'll have this horse trampling or gardens and privacy forever.

Governments are easily frightened by security agencies and they feel forced to do the right thing in the eyes of the public, however they are also the keeper of our freedoms and they should look carefully before giving an open ended right to these agencies to our private information.

Too many non-security agencies in this country already have access to our private information and why they do I have no idea. the apparent lack of oversight  has not been questioned.

Proper independent oversight in relation to this proposed legislation should be ensured and also this  legislation should have a sunset clause of 5 years, no longer.

Given the amount of information these agencies may collect it is not beyond belief to one day see our MP's become so beholden to these agencies that  they could become their pawns.
Once allowed to roam free of any fences these horses could easily trample our freedoms.

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