23 Oct 2014

Shortage of gas on the horizon for Australia. Why,Why,Why!!


When most developed countries reserve a certain amount of their gas reserves because they consider it in their interest to do so, we on the other hand sell it off as fast as we can, with no concern for our future. We don't even consider it as a national asset.

Its all about global demand, never mind what we Australians might need for our manufacturing or domestic use to stay competitive. There will come a time, and its almost here. When we hear AGL saying there is going to be a gas shortage, Soon, god forbid we'll have to buy gas overseas because we can't afford our own.

Talk about short sighted and blinkered, governments blindly let the big multinationals do what they want with no regard for the countries they milk of resources. Governments should do what we pay them for, look after their own people.

I'm not suggesting we don't sell any of our resources all I'm suggesting is that we reserve some of our resources as means of ensuring  our future, for our children.

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