13 Oct 2014

Thou shall not take my name in vain says Eric Abetz

His long past German ancestry is showing

Public servants at the Australian Taxation Office are under the hammer after being threatened with official punishment if they mention the name of Public Service Minister Eric Abetz in internal online discussions about pay and conditions at the agency.

Management have phoned rank-and-file tax officials, warning them to remove any references even if they are innocuous that mention the minister from the electronic notice boards or face disciplinary action.

Its been confirmed the policy is in place saying the internal discussions on the current round of enterprise bargaining talks must remain "apolitical".

If its to remain "apolitical" why has Abetz brought it up with the management at ATO.

The minister's office said on Monday that this was a matter for the individual agency without any input from the minister, should we believe it, not on your life..
There has been a row over ATO managers trying to "censor" material pinned to traditional physical notice boards at its office.

The agency has been told by Fair Work Australia that they should not remove items unless they broke the law.

This is taking censorship to the extreme. There was a time in a European nation when this was the norm and we know here that led.

Eric should pull his head in and cop the flack like everyone has to from time to time.

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